Yamaha FG730S Review – One Of Yamaha’s Finest

Yamaha FG730S Review

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This is a reliable, standard guitar that incorporates the quality of the Yamaha FG series while not sacrificing their cost-effective reputation. It is a guitar for the ages, one belonging in the guitar hall of fame. Years of experience making guitars loved through the decades have given the manufacturers a pulse on what the users want out of their units, and they deliver every time. For timeless sound and ageless value, you need a Yamaha FG730S in your collection.


Build: (4.1 / 5)
Sound: (4.4 / 5)
Value: (4.6 / 5)



Yamaha FG730S Review


Yamaha almost needs no introduction when it comes to producing quality musical instruments. The first Yamaha FG acoustic guitar was introduced in 1966, targeted to be both affordable and provide great play and durability. It quickly flew off the shelves, playing its intended part in many hit records of the time.

Since then, Yamaha has kept on perfecting the FG tone and sound with every new product without sacrificing any other quality affordability, thereby keeping their brand at the top of the market. The Yamaha FG730S fulfils the Yamaha brand of quality, style and taste through the decades. This guitar is loved by all its users and even when a new  guitar is bought, it remains a favorite constant in the archives of many artistes.

Design & Product Features 

The Yamaha FG730S is a six-stringed acoustic guitar made out of solid wood, bound in rosewood with a Sitka spruce top material and nato neck. It is a “folk guitar” with a sweet sound, thus a great accompaniment to any instrument.

This guitar comes in a variety of beautiful woods with an ultra thin, glossy finish imparted by some of the finest artisans. When finishing a guitar, it is essential that the painting and varnish do not interfere with sound transmission. The FG Yamaha series keeps to this ideal. The finish is about 0.25mm thin, which keeps the guitar strong and durable while it does not interfere with its rich sound.


The FG730S is rosewood, bound in cream, and has the option of being finished in several colors including sun dusk red, tobacco brown, black, vintage cherry and brown sunburst to suit the users’ tastes.

This guitar is just about 5.1 pounds with a smaller folk style body that makes it portable and easy to carry around. Its relative light weight and short scale is ideal for younger users with smaller hands and for awkward beginners.

The FG730S guitar was first produced in 2004, and since then it has kept up with its quality sound and excellent features. With such great quality, the Yamaha name has been preserved among the best acoustic guitars that even beginners will find easy to adapt to.


Sound :

The combination of rosewood sides and Sitka spruce top gives this guitar a deep, firm resonance and sweet sound. It has a great volume and delivers on both the lighter treble and deep bass tones. It is a great guitar to learn with, and even veterans will find its simple sweet sounds nostalgic.

Although the sound seems targeted at a specific genre, it can be used by musicians of all types and is a great accompaniment to any kind of song. It also sounds great when recorded, not losing any of its richness and resonance.



Shelf Life :

The great finish and durable wood binding of the FG730S makes it one for the ages. It is unlikely to be abandoned after years of usage, as it is made to be a vintage guitar loved by the user for as long as possible. It stays relevant through the years, not depending on newer models or sounds. Simply put, this is a guitar you can bequeath to someone you love as an instrument of great value.


For a little extra cost, you can get the full accessory pack that you need for the FG730S. This covers the guitar case, instructional DVD, extra straps for carrying, tortoiseshell guitar picks, cloth for cleaning the set, and extra strings to replace when they get worn out. This pack would be of great benefit to beginners, but veterans would already have most of these accessories. Thus it is up to your own discretion when buying the guitar.


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