Taylor 114CE Review – The Perfect Concert Guitar?

Taylor 114CE Review

Quick Summary

The Taylor 114CE is loved for its elements of both acoustic and electric sound that make it a well-rounded instrument. Made in the Grand Auditorium style, it is a big guitar that produces resonating, clear sounds. This is a perfect concert guitar.


Build: (4.7 / 5)
Sound: (4.8 / 5)
Value: (4.8 / 5)







Taylor 114CE Review


The Taylor 114CE has always been a brand that thrives on its elitism and competition with other brands. It is not ashamed to be expensive, because it knows that it delivers a great quality and excellent value for money. Founded in California by Bob Taylor in 1974, this brand has always kept true to their motto “quality without compromise.” This is one ideal they have preserved over the last twenty-five years. Buying the Taylor 114CE unit surely of gets you the best value for your money.

Design & Product Features

This powerful, six-stringed guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top and crisp, layered walnut back, finished with a sapele laminate that does not compromise the sound of the unit. It features a forward-shifted bracing that makes it mold to your body while strumming, thereby giving it stability.

Finished with a rich brown and cream laminate that screams elegance, this is a beautiful and showy instrument. Even though the color choices are only limited to one (natural), you would be hard pressed to find a better guitar of its caliber in the market and that offsets minor concerns like color adaptability. The material makes it sound great while strumming, or finger picking.

The Taylor 114CE is not a lightweight instrument. At 12 pounds, It is a serious, heavyweight instrument for serious musicians.


Bass, treble and volume is efficiently packaged into this unit by flawless Taylor engineering. The instrument is dynamically designed with its ES-T internal pickup system that serves to control the strings individually and makes every sound crystal clear and distinct.

The sound is harmonically blended into rich tones that can go low or high, giving an overall great experience. It delivers on both bass sounds and trebles, blending an acoustic originality with the volume and depth of electric guitar sounds. The tonal possibilities are endless with this instrument. It is no wonder that it is loved for concerts and by reputable musicians everywhere. Even when tuned to the maximum volume, the sounds remain well blended and smooth instead of getting a grating quality that irritates the ears.




There is a folding stand for professional users who care about their instruments, for an extra cost of course. The unit comes with a guitar gig bag for protection and portability and luxurious leather strap. Other extra accessories to be bought include a guitar polish and truss rod wrenches, and of course, extra guitar picks.


The Not-So-Cool?

The high cost is a big con to most users, and so is the laminated finish. One would think that at such a price the manufacturers would spring for an all wood finish, but the fact that this does not interfere with its sound in any way and in fact makes it more durable makes that small detail negligible. Besides, the rich sound and tonal capabilities more than make up for the price.


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