Squier Affinity Telecaster Review – The Best For Beginners?

Squier Affinity Telecaster Review

Quick Summary

This six-stringed guitar features excellent workmanship. It is built with an alder body, complemented by a bolt-on neck and fret board crafted from Maplewood for the best sound relay. The quality alder body is definitely not a feature one expects from a guitar in its price range, but it is a great investment that Fender has made to create the best guitar possible at such a cheap price.

Build: (4.8 / 5)
Sound: (4.8 / 5)
Value: (4.8 / 5)



Squier Affinity Telecaster Review

Introduction :

The Squier Company is an old hand at producing musical instruments. Since its founding in 1890, they have kept up a tradition of producing quality, lifelong instruments. In the spirit of increasing reach by making more affordable electric and bass guitars, the Affinity series was created in 1996 and later rebranded to “Fender”. Here’s the Squier affinity telecaster review :

Design & Product Features :

The Affinity Telecaster blends timeless style with functionality. It is available in six colors including butterscotch yellow and brown sunburst, two classic looks that are much sought after by guitar enthusiasts.



  • What it’s made of :

Quality, solid alder wood joins with maple fretboards to create an instrument crafted with great care and attention to detail. The body is classic Fender Telecaster shape and feel, a feature that is well appreciated at that price range.

  • Weight and size :

The Affinity Telecasters vary between 7 to 8 pounds, which is not exactly lightweight. That coupled with all the accessories makes carrying it around an activity that has to be planned in advance. This does not mean that it cannot be played by youngsters ; all they will need is an adult to do the heavy lifting and prevent damaging the unit or its accessories.

Sound :

A combination of the quality string technology and a great amp system make for a clear, crisp and sweet sound that will delight the user. Whether your sound is blues, or jazz, or country, or pop, this guitar delivers a classic sound that is not just vibrant, but easy to manoeuvre and stays in tune.

The classic sound is what one would expect from a guitar of a much higher price range, but this unit is packed with affordable quality. Trebles and basses are delivered with clearness and volume, especially with a great amplifier system.



Adaptability :

This guitar comes with the standard issue guitar pickups and tuners, and while that would not pose a problem to a beginner, a more trained ear could find it lacking. One great thing about this guitar though, is that it is very easily adaptable. The hardware and electronics can be modified quite easily, a fix which is much easier and cheaper than buying a new guitar.

Shelf Life :

The Affinity Telecaster is built to take a beating, with alder and maple wood making it a solid instrument that can stand the test of time. The electronics can be easily swapped out if they get worn out, giving you a new guitar with the same Fender quality each time!

Accessories :

The Affinity Telecaster beginner electric guitar pack comes with an instructional DVD, a Fender 15G amplifier, clip on tuner, cables, straps for the included gig-bag and guitar picks. All there are essentials for any electric guitar beginner, and are included with the purchase, completely starting you on your musical journey. In addition to the essentials, the musician can choose to play his music in silence by plugging earphones into the headphone jack on the amplifier.

Cost & Affordability :

Affinity Telecaster is quite affordable for an electric guitar of its calibre, a point which makes it one of the best-selling electric guitars all over the world. It was produced especially to be affordable, but does not scrimp on the essential hardware and sound technology that the user needs.

The Not-So-Cool ? :

The Affinity Telecaster is a basic, sturdy instrument that would be better appreciated by beginners. Seasoned musicians who put too much pressure on it will may get unpleasant results. Luckily, the guitar is quiet adaptable and can be modified to suit the proficiency level of the user. Another con is that left-handed users have to specifically get the left-handed maple Affinity Telecaster as this unit does not adapt to their style of play.

Conclusion : 

Solid design, great sound, long-lasting features and durability makes the Affinity Telecaster the best electric beginner to introduce you to the world of music. This is a definite must-have; the adaptability makes it very attractive and easy to change up while keeping the original Fender features. It is a great investment to make for a very affordable price and with a few tune-ups it can be the best guitar you have ever owned.


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