Jasmine S35 Review – Affordable Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Review

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If what you need is a dependable, affordable instrument to get started then the Jasmine S35 may be the one for you. With the basic features and accessibility, built for comfort, it is sure to be a beloved guitar for years to come. The features are, in fact, more than you would expect from a guitar of its price range, as it delivers on look and feel and sound sufficiently for the needs of a new player.


Build: (3.5 / 5)
Sound: (4.0 / 5)
Value: (4.5 / 5)




Jasmine S35 Review – The Most Affordable Acoustic Guitar?


There is often discouragement when music enthusiasts look at the price tags on the best guitars out there. The Jasmine guitars were designed to bridge that gap, providing a cheap but effective instrument that beginners can start and grow with, while not comprising on sound and quality.

This six-stringed guitar is built for comfort and excellent play-ability. Its smooth satin finish makes for great feel and sound is not compromised by the materials it is made from.

Build & Design

The Jasmine S35 is a great beginner guitar for music lovers. It is built with a spruce wood top with the “Advanced X” bracing which Jasmine guitars are known for and its back and sides are bound with agathis. This is completed with a beautiful rosewood fingerboard and bridge, chrome tuners, and a satin laminated finish for that classic look.

This guitar only comes in one “natural” cream look, but that is sufficient for its purpose.

In keeping with the “comfortable and accessible” design mantra of the Taylor, this unit is a very light 5.1pounds instrument, therefore, easy to carry for long hours of play or long distance travels without regret. The shape and size is ideal for its target users.




If you expect mediocre sound from this affordable guitar, you will be disappointed. It delivers crisp, clear scales with good trebles, balanced bass tones, and acoustic sounds that project well. It is more than sufficient for beginners and a light play at home. Its sound is perfect for a jam session with friends. Watch a quick demo of this guitar :



This guitar was made not to be put under the pressure of being recorded or large crowds, but for comfort and accessibility. With a little expert tuning and handling, you will get unparalleled, sweet and clear sound that will get you hooked from the beginning.

What’s more , the Jasmine S35 guitar is very adaptable as it is made for comfort. Left and right-handed players will find it easy to tune and use, and the body is made to be easy to carry.


Shelf Life

The Jasmine S35 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It might be replaced by a more stable, heavier model with more capabilities as the user’s talent grows, but it will always be a reliable instrument for when a basic, simple play is needed.


For a small extra cost, one can get the essentials for beginners. This includes a guitar gig bag for carrying the instrument, extra guitar picks and a comfortable strap for carrying the gig bag. In addition to that, cloth for cleaning the guitar and guitar polish (if one is so inclined) are available for more fastidious users.

The Not-So-Cool?

While affordable,  accessible and easy to use, the sound features and material of this Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar may not be ideal for serious music making. This guitar may fall flat at a performance or a concert, and advanced users might feel short-changed when they cannot get all the extra features they are used to on other guitars. This is why it is recommended for learners, young players and beginners.


  • Very affordable
  • Good sound
  • Very comfortable


  • Flat sound
  • May require constant tuning
  • Neck may need adjusting


Hope you found this Jasmine S35 review very helpful.

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