Fender CD60CE Review – Affordable Entry-Level Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD60CE Review

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The rich, beautiful Fender DC60CE is awesome for you to try different music styles. It offers the best quality for its price. It is versatile, able to adapt to different musical styles and beautifully packaged as it is also music to both your ears and eyes. You should definitely have this if you are looking for a dependable brand that will remain a favorite through your life, with unparalleled quality for its price and a sound you will keep coming back to.



Build: (4.6 / 5)
Sound: (4.3 / 5)
Value: (4.5 / 5)



Fender CD60CE Review

Fender has never been known to dabble in the affordable brands’ section of musical instruments but they made a deviation with the Fender CD60CE, choosing to make the brand more accessible and affordable. This basic acoustic guitar is perfect for beginners looking for a good guitar to start with.

Very few beginner guitars out there can parallel the Fender CD60CE when it comes to blending beautiful design with crisp sound. All you have to do is look at the black bound, mahogany-laminated body and fall in love. Here’s a quick look at Fender CD60CE review

– Design :

The Fender CD-60CE is designed with a distinctive mahogany laminate that not only makes for a beautiful guitar, but helps in creating a strong, sweet and mellow sound that is good when played solo or when strung with accompaniments from a band. It also features a scalloped X bracing with a subtle black body binding. Its neck is “C” shaped and it feels good when handling, thereby, maximizing comfort.


– Sound :

With its excellent electronics and tight tonal control, the Fender CD60CE produces an amazingly soulful, mellow sound. It is inbuilt with an ISYS III system that captures the excellent tone already inherent in the instrument and translates it into an amplified wide range of sound, carrying its sound without causing it to be garbled by interference. The sound blends into a harmony of rich tones that go low or high with the same precision and clarity, giving an overall great experience. Basses and trebles are picked out and transmitted clearly. This guitar is versatile and projects well, making it perfect for any kind of indoor or outdoor play.

Watch the Fender CD60CE in action courtesy of Dawsons Music :



– Adaptability :

This guitar is perfect for both professional players and beginners who are just starting out, and works excellently for learners and younger users too. Once it is tuned professionally, using this guitar is a breeze for beginners. Its tonal capabilities are adaptable enough that they can be lowered for young users, and increased as they get more proficient and grow older. This unit is however designed only for right-handed users.

– Design :

It is finished with a rich, beautiful mahogany laminate that catches the eye, making it a great product just by aesthetic value. It also features a compensated bridge and this is a feature that is rare in many models within the same price range as the Fender DC60CE. It is a classic case of extra value for your money, and you should definitely take advantage of that.

– Shelf Life :

The mahogany laminate helps amplify the beauty of its sound as well as give it a solid finishing that would not chip or wear out for years. This guitar is bound to last you for as long as you plan to keep it, and you will want to keep it for a long time. Such is its appeal.

– Accessories :

At a small extra cost, a hard case and a comfortable strap attachment for carrying the guitar is available. It also comes with a built-in tuner and steel strings, eliminating the need to buy them. It would also be necessary to get extra guitar picks for a better experience.

– Cost & Affordability :

The Fender DC60CE is perfect for its price. It is probably the most affordable acoustic guitar one can ever get with such rich quality sound and aesthetic features. It is perfect for those who are looking to get a quality instrument and are on a budget. The quality and beauty of this guitar does absolutely no justice to the price.

The Not-So-Cool :

The strings of this guitar tend to be a bit hard initially. However, the more it’s played, the easier and pleasurable it becomes to finger. Being a dreadnought, it is a bit heavier than most guitars but it makes up for this by being so super gorgeous.  It is also only designed for right-hand users and this leaves left-handed players at a disadvantage.


Hope you found this Fender CD60CE review very helpful.

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