Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review – A Guitar With Class

Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review

Dating as far back as 1928, the Epiphone brand has thrived on matching recommendations and meeting expectations. Naturally, the same goes for the amazing Epiphone Les Paul-100 which conveniently features reliability, affordability and class with specifications that are very similar to the 1952 model being the first Les Paul version to be invented.

However, this almost unavoidable collaboration between Epiphone and Les Paul was said to be possible because of the Gibson’s downhill phase and Paul’s need as both a musician and an inventor to search for an electric guitar with little or no feedback. The music world couldn’t have been more grateful for this turn out of events, as after several years of strife, the first beautiful LP-100 was produced in 1989.


Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review

At first glance, the LP-100 is a beautiful mahogany and maple blend of solid wood, with nickel or chrome hardware, bolt on heel mahogany neck and a lock tune tailpiece, with rosewood trapezoid fingerboard inlays and gloss finishing’s.  You won’t want to stop running your fingers on it.

As expected, the LP-100 has a nice colour range to choose from; there is the Ebony (EB), Heritage Cherry Sunburst (HS), and Vintage Sunburst (VS). The other features that define its value are explained in the following categories.

– Adaptability :

With a lightweight, slim feature, and weighing about 10lbs, it calls out to you when you hold it, and we haven’t even talked about the sound yet. The tuning knobs for volume and tone, are just balanced, they are not so tight and they are not loosely hanging either. Rather, they are just fitted enough to give you the sound range you tuned it to produce. You can practice for longer hours comfortably, and it’s conveniently made for either left or right handed players.

In addition, beginners are thought of and considered because with its scale length of 24.75, mastering their notes would be as easy as A, B, C or should we say, Do, Re, Mi.

– Shelf Time :

The solid wood feature gives it a durability that helps it last as long as it’s well taken care of. If you treat her well, she will serve you for a long, long, time.

– Sound :

The output of the LP-100 is a trigger to anyone who appreciates good sound and a smooth rhythm pick up. The bold toned beauty calls out to most people and because a good tone mostly depends on the amplifier. Therefore, it should please you to know that the amazing Lp-100 can still deliver even with an average amp. You can flex your fingers, and make good music ranging around heavy and mid-level rock, be it classic rock or blues, or hard rock or metal, LP-100 has you covered.

Watch the epiphone les paul 100 review (in action) courtesy of John Coupland 



– Cost :

It ranges differently from store to store, and may not be the cheapest for a beginner, but it is quite affordable for the specifications, quality and history it has. Although there’s been a mini battle between the LP-100 and Gibson, it can be said to be the more affordable version of a Gibson for both beginners and intermediate guitarists.

– Other Accessories :

The accessory bundle contains a series of accessories that both beginners and professionals couldn’t have enough of. The major list of accessories in the Epiphone Les Paul 100 include one Ernie Ball black polypro guitar strap for easy carrying both while playing and during travels, 10 packs of D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Picks that gives your sound a warm feel and rich tone, one snark SN-5 Guitar Tuner as well as a Foldable A-frame stand for both Acoustic and electric guitars.

Cons :

The scale length may not be convenient for professional or old guitarists. Also, people with smaller statures will appreciate the slim nature more, because those with big hands may find it uncomfortable.


Overall, there are definitely less priced electric guitars out there for beginners because this is certainly not the cheapest model. However, if this baby fits into your price budgets, and you’re ready to step into a dapper, classic world, and experience the feel good, adaptability in a guitar, then by all means, go for this.

Basically, as regards beginner electric guitars of all times, the Epiphone Les Paul 100(LP-100) remains top on the list.

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