Epiphone DR-100 Review – Good Sound And Affordable

Epiphone Dr-100 Review

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One is often torn between sacrificing aestethics for quality, or quality for cost when it comes to buying the best acoustic guitars. With the Epiphone DR-100 this consideration is not necessary.

This guitar is made from the wood of choice for quality guitars ; spruce wood complemented , with a rosewood fingerboard and pearl dot inlays. The spruce gets better and sounds greater as it ages.

The choice of a gleaming ebony, polished cream and sunburst color finishing is excellent for a diverse customer base with different tastes.

Build: (4.2 / 5)
Sound: (4.3 / 5)
Value: (4.3 / 5)



Epiphone DR-100 Review

Introduction :

Epiphone has since 1873, created a reputation for quality and finesse when it comes to guitar making. Epiphone guitars are valued, vintage-inspired instruments that every real guitar lover prizes in his collection. You will find an Epiphone guitar behind the greatest hits of every musical era since 1873 ; from the days of swing music, rock and roll to blues to punk, and now to the contemporary new generation sounds of metal, pop, country and alternative sounds.

Epiphone has been in the forefront of sound advancements which have been incorporated in their guitars. A few examples are the built in KillSwitch pots, the NanoFlex and NanoMag pickup systems and eSonic preamps in their electric guitars which have made them a leading name in guitar innovation.

The Epiphone DR-100 holds the record as the best-selling Epiphone dreadnought acoustic guitar and is produced to be a great instrument for any caliber of users from first-time players to professionals.


Design & General Features :

  • Materials:

Fine craftsmanship makes this one of the best looking guitars in the acoustic guitar market. The variety of colors in black, cream and sunburst make for a guitar that is easy on the eyes, but this unit is not just looks only. Spruce wood, mahogany and rosewood are layered to create a fine blend of clean, complex sounds. The stylized, classic “E” logo on the pick guard makes it so recognizable you could pick it out from a crowd, and is a testament of the confidence Epiphone have in their craftsmanship.



  • Weight and size:

At 8 pounds, this guitar is not exactly light, but it is easy to carry around and guitarists should not have any problems with the weight. It is crafted in the classic dreadnought style, a style that is preferred for any genre of music and gives it a classic shape that is comfortable while playing.

Sound :

Affordable quality is an Epiphone ideal, and the DR-100 is a great reflection of that. This guitar stays finely tuned with extended play and the sounds are crisp and layered.

The DR-100 is built to give sweet, deep and complex bass and treble tones, a great accompaniment to any type of music, and will surely delight both new users and professional musicians. The mid and upper range tones are quite top-notch, you would be hard-pressed to find better in any guitar of its price range.

The DR-100 offers a sound way above its price range, and this is why it remains a favorite for all styles of playing, as it responds well to picking or fingering of any kind.



Shelf Life :

The DR-100 comes with a lifetime guarantee that the company stands by, a confidence well-earned due to the durability of the materials and its fine craftsmanship. You can be sure that you will always come back to this guitar. It will not only last for years, but it gets better with time and love and care.

Accessories :

The basic accessories which include a guitar gig bag for protection and portability, a strap for easier carrying, extra guitar picks and cloth for cleaning the guitar are necessary and should definitely be acquired with this guitar. They are available at an extra cost, but having these is definitely worth it.


The Not-So-Cool? :

Looking at its hardware and sound features, it is difficult to find a con for the DR-100. However, an 8-pound guitar weight might be too much for very young users. Besides that, this lacks a bit in the low end bass tones, and even though it could hold its own it would definitely be more prudent to get a more heavyweight guitar for maximum sound effect.

Conclusion :

This is a must have. Get the DR-100, even if you have other guitars, it is unparalleled for dependability, style and sound delivery. This guitar was made to be cherished, and will be a valuable addition to your collection.


Hope you found this Epiphone DR-100 Review helpful.

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