About Us

Hey there ,

My name is Kelvin and i welcome you to Guitarlysis.com. In case you’re wondering what this site is all about , let me share a quick story of how this all started.

A few days back , my very close friend came to me for recommendations on the best guitar for beginners that dosen’t cost more than $200.  He was ready to learn guitar and just needed the right tool to get started.

I researched online and found a couple of recommendations , however , i wasn’t satisfied because most of the recommendations were far above our budget of $200. At that point , it dawned on me that alot of beginners may  also be in similar situation and could get discouraged if they don’ find a decent tool that fits their budget.

On the 18th of October 2017 , i registered the domain “Guitarlysis.com” to start an online website on guitars , providing reviews of the best tools for professionals and beginners. The name “Guitarlysis” was coined from two words ; “Guitar” and “Analysis” and this reflects what our brand is all about ; “Analysis of Guitars”.

At Guitarlysis.com , we believe that Guitar is not just a musical instrument but a tool that unites and heals the soul.

Welcome to Guitarlysis!